KENYA PLAST 4th Edition
Wed 8 - Fri 10, June, 2016

Kenyatta International Conference Center (KICC)
Nairobi | Kenya

Kenya Plast - a gateway to East African markets

Kenya Plast - 2016 Exhibitors


Highlight of The Edition

Welcome to the fourth edition of KENYA PLAST. The major highlight of this edition will be the significant number of visitors not just from Kenya, but from all the neighbouring East African countries!

KENYA PLAST will be leveraging the support of leading chambers in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda who have already committed their support to promote KENYA PLAST. This will help widen the reach of our promotional efforts and bring in visitors from all the East African countries - Kenya, Tanzania, Burundi, South Sudan, Somalia, Malawi, Madagascar, Zambia, Seychelles, Ethiopia, Rwanda and Uganda.

The largest Sea Port in Mombasa, the country is the largest incoming source of products by sea to the East African region from Arab countries, Indian Sub-continent, Europe & Far East.